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24th September 2018
Painting from start to finish

Like a lot of artists I know, my head is always full of pictures, and it's very difficult when you think in pictures to put your ideas into words.

I took a photo of one of my granddaughters paddling in the shallow waters of the Norfolk coast. She was surrounded by water, with poised self sufficiency. So much so that I wanted to translate her pose into a painting.

Without further explanation here is how I painted this picture.
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17th September 2018
blog sept 2018

Being an artist can be a pretty lonely life at times.

Day to day is usually stay at home and paint, listening to the radio or your favourite music.

Social interaction is sporadic, and to be honest, not to be encouraged when you're in the middle of your current masterpiece.

That is why it's so very nice to be part of an art society. Read more.......

8th September 2018
fashion in picture frames

Over ten years ago my husband took over a small picture framing business.
It all came about when Bill who had been framing my paintings for years decided to up sticks and retire to Spain to live the good life.
"Mary" he said, "I've had enough. Would you like to buy my business?"
"No way!!!!!" was my very quick reply. After all I'm a painter. All I want to do is paint pictures Read more....

12th July 2018
thankyou for visiting my studio

Dear Seaside Friends,
I would like to say a big "thank you" to all of you who visited my open studio during the last two weekends in June.
We had a blast as they say, consumed a lot of Read more.....