Mary Kemp Artist.jpg

I was born and raised on the outskirts of Leicester, more in the countryside than the city. My mother loved painting and I think if circumstances had been different this would have been her career. But she made sure there were always pencils and paints and plenty of rolls of lining paper about, and I was the one who made full use of them.

I left home to become a nurse, and during that time I met and married my wonderful husband.  I went to art school and had three amazing sons. At this point I chose art over nursing to be able to stay at home with the family. Best choice ever made.

And now, the years have galloped by, much of it spent in Cambridgeshire on the edge of the Fens, not too far from the seaside. Our boys have grown up, and we have nine very different grandchildren. Of course all of them have featured in my paintings at one time or another. My own sons were so fed up with being drawn they would deliberately fidget, cross and uncross arms and legs as soon as I got a sketchbook out. For a long time I didn’t realise that this drawing was really my way of expressing the two things I’m most passionate about, family and painting.

The paintings you see are all created by me, and tell of how I see the world in all its beauty, whether it’s people, seaside , countryside, animals (lets not forget Grace the border collie) or even flowers. Whether the colours are real or a little bit fantasy. I’m never off duty as an artist. Ideas sneak up on me at weekends and during holidays and I can’t wait to get back into the studio to put them down on canvas. And then…well, you never know what might happen!